High Tea Collection.

I have always been obsessed with tea. Once I was actually addicted to the caffeine in my 2 POT a day green tea phase. I ended up not drinking it for a few days as I didn't really know I was addicted and sort of forgot about it. Anyway, I ended up with extreme headaches, shaking and nausea! So I went to the doctor and after speaking with me she realised I was actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms to caffeine because of all the tea I had been drinking. After cutting down on the actual quantity of tea I was consuming, I started exploring all the exotic types of tea that exist. I stayed in South Africa for a while and picked up a liking to their traditional "Rooibos" tea - which actually doesn't have any caffeine in it!

Along with my new found love for Rooibos tea, I also became really obsessed with "Gorgeous Geisha" from T2, which I think actually has rose petals in it or something. It's delicious! Actually, a few people have commented that the Loft co. branding and packaging looks quite similar to T2. Although I didn't actually look to T2 for inspiration at all, I can see where they are coming from. I think I was subconsciously inspired from my love for their teas!

This is me and my boyfriend taking distorted pictures of ourselves in a shiny teapot.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I actually went to my first High Tea at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Despite being Vegetarian and not eating most of the quiches, I thought it was the BEST thing ever. Not only could I choose a selection of my favourite teas from their ridiculously enormous list, I also gorged myself with tiny little sandwiches, cakes and macaroons! After that experience, there is no wonder that I would be inspired to have a range (if not more - I have something else up my sleeve) inspired by High Tea fragrances.

The High Tea Collection is the latest product from the Loft co. range, as I only released them about three months ago. They have proven to be really popular amongst my retailers because they are actually featured in a glass jar! Each jar has a custom-fit tin lid which is brushed silver and is designed to lock in the delicious fragrance inside. They each come with their own soft cotton bag, with a beautiful silver note attached.

The High Tea Collection is made up of three different tea fragrances:

15 Black Tea and Lychee: 
This beautiful blend of rich black tea leaves are contrasted with sweeter scents of Lychee. This candle is perfect for those who
love something different. The fragrance is a mixture between subtle and sweet, creating a unique combination. Featured in a beautiful glass tumbler with a metallic silver lid, this masterpiece is something that you will never stop burning.
Beware: This candle will make you want all the ‘naughty’ treats at afternoon tea.

16 Royal White Tea:
Royal White Tea leaves are infused with luscious notes of Jasmine to enhance the delicacy of the fragrance. Throughout history, Chinese Emperors have been enjoying the distinct flavour of white tea. The tea leaves are fired and dried, allowing the little silver buds and few leaves remaining. With
this in mind, the fragrance has been created with authenticity that is fit for royalty.
Beware: This candle will inspire you to have a traditional High Tea Party with close friends.

17 Green Tea and Lemongrass:
The fresh and rejuvenating scent of Green Tea is complemented with base notes of Lavender. Then the blend is infused with a cheeky drop of Lemongrass to truly boost and revitalise your senses. This fine fragrance is suitable for those who love to take care of themselves and seek to live a healthy and relaxing lifestyle.
Beware: This candle will inspire you to have a cucumber facial that will make you feel fresh.

The Details:
1x 270g glass jar with a silver lid that holds the delicious
fragrance inside. Approx. 70 hours burning time.

They will make the perfect gift for Christmas! Buy online now for your family and friends (or a well deserved 'self' present).

Buy from: http://downthatlittlelane.com.au/loft-co/product/13991-black-tea-and-lychee

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